In 2014, Red Light Performing Arts Company (Red Light Arts) launched a nonprofit arm, Red Light Performing Arts Outreach (Red Light Outreach), and is currently seeking to expand their programming to additional school districts, particularly in low income areas that are less likely to have the resources to provide arts programming such as Red Light Outreach can offer. 

     Red Light Outreach believes that engaging young people in reflective performing arts exercises will not only build bridges among different social groups, but also help students reflect on the effects of their actions, on others and on themselves. Red Light Outreach has put this belief into practice by developing several programs that engage youth in skits and theater exercises to provide a creative outlet, engage students in discussion about the issues they face and how they choose to react to them, and to encourage cooperation among diverse groups.


For months now thousands of residents of the city of Flint, MI have been drinking water contaminated with nearly twice the safe level of lead.  Even more shocking, some areas have found between four and forty times the safe levels.  This is an urgent crisis!  Water distribution points are running out of water and may not be resupplied for several days.

Our founder/artistic directore, Rob Demery is from Flint, MI. Therefore, he deeply feels his towns' pain. Red Light Arts is planning multiple deliveries of bottled water to Flint, MI. Please donate to this cause by calling 404.637.9962 to set up your delivery. Please click on the flyer below to find out more about the crisis at hand. 



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