At Red Light Arts Studio, we provide high quality taping services.




Audition Taping*

$25.00/30 minutes (Monday-Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm)

$35.00/30 minutes (After Hours/Weekends)

$0.50/additional minute


Audition Taping with Coaching*

$50.00/30 minutes (Monday-Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm)

$75.00/1 Hour

$65.00/30 minutes (After Hours/Weekends)

$90.00/1 Hour

$0.50/additional minute 

1-on-1 Hour Acting Students*

$20.00/30 minutes (During and After Hours)

$.50/additional minute

$10.00 if taped during scheduled lesson time.


*Editing and uploading your audition are included with this cost. 


Demo Reels of Completed Work

$20 for the first clip

$5.00/additional clip

$5.00 uploading fee

Filming a Scene as a DEMO REEL

$175 for a multi-shot monologue

$300 for duo scene - 2 to 3 lines from each character (studio or on location shoot)

$475 for duo scene - 1 to 2 pages of dialogue (studio shoot)

$650 for duo scene - 1 to 2 pages of dialogue (on location)


Please fill out the CONTACT FORM below or text/call us at 404-637-9962 to schedule your appointment.

We will respond to confirm your appointment date and time.