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Times won't change until we do! 





 Rob Demery 


Cast (Tasha)

Nakia Nichole Lawrence 

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House Manager

Amber Demery


Cast (Allen)

Najuan Hamari


Cast (Melvin)

Chidozie Adindu


REVOLUTIONIZED is that “wake up” production to society. Influential monologues and poems reveal some of the most troubling circumstances conquering the nation’s population today. REVOLUTIONIZED provides a non-stop mission that will trigger audiences to want to change disruptive lifestyles instantaneously! This play deals with three young adults and the problems and issues that plague their lives on a daily basis. Some of the issues are bullying, gangs, academics, peer-pressure, self-love, and family disconnect. Join the journey of three survivors exposing their lives striving to make a point, which is: we all need to change if we want our future generations to have any positive visions for life.


MELVIN: Growing up in an environment where gangs become family,Melvin clinches tightly to the streets to fill a void that leaves him incarcerated for the rest of his life.


TASHA: Stuck with a child as a teenager, Tasha struggles to overcome pathologies perpetuated in her family. She strives to not be like her "street loving" mom, but her results become somewhat the same.


ALLEN: After being an All-State basketball star, Allen is faced with a devastating "injury" that immediately destroys his NBA dreams. The popularity he once had is suddenly gone.



"POWERFUL - Diane Day, Canton, MS

I've seen many plays on broadway. I have to say this is the best play that I've ever seen!. - Mayor Truly, Canton Missisissippi Mayor

REVOLUTIONIZED shed light on problems facing youth and families. It provided various scenarios with detail examples that the audience could relate to. - Mrs. LaTonya Sanders, Nichols Middle School

A lot of issues covered is actually encountered by our students. You all have managed to truly capture their attention.

-Smith, Canton Alternative School


                              LIFE CHANGING - Judge, Gail Barnett, Orange, TX

Thanks for communicating to our children that street life of gangs is not the way. - Mr. Reagan, Canton High School

Thank you for visiting our school! Very engaging, very up to date and relevant to our students. - G. Gibson, Canton High School

I appreciated that the play was realistic because some of our students are experiencing these same issues. - Canton High School


                IT HIT HOME - Darrick Mosley, St. Paul, MN

REVOLUTIONIZED discussed topics that we discuss daily without students because they live this script in reality. F. Anderson, Canton High School

Reminded me of the struggles my students face and I need to be more encouraging. - Jessica Johnson, Nichols Middle School

This is exactly what our kids needed to hear! - McGhee, Nichols Middle School



It showed a better way for stuents to relate to current issues. - Ebony McLaurin, Nichols Middle School

Message was powerful! - Mrs. Hewitt, Nichols Middle School



Study Guides and State Standards are available upon request. 

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