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Red Light Arts is prepared to acknowledge the generous funding contributions that will allow us to bring our programming to schools and youth organizations that will truly benefit from our services. Our website is constantly evolving and updated, and is a cornerstone of our communications with the public and our stakeholders. We will include your logo and any additional language on the website and acknowledge your foundation/company on our website, and on future communications (press releases, ads, brochures) that feature our programs. We would also be pleased to host and acknowledge your foundation/company at our performances, and will send regular communications about the dates and locations the performances are scheduled. Lastly, we will plan to regularly share the results of the program your foundation/company, our stakeholders, and the public, and acknowledge the pivotal role that your foundation/company has had in allowing us to carry out the programming that elicits these results.


Anthony & Teresa Davis

Ashley Carver

Chanetta Greenlaw

David Kremenitzer

Day, CPA

Edward Demery

Gail Barnett, Esq.

Jackie Shaw

Leodis & Dorothy Qualls

Mark G. Henderson, Ph.D



Boys & Girls Club (Metro Atlanta)*

Canton Public School District (Canton, MS)*

Cinematic Acrobatics*

Clayton County Public School District (Jonesboro, GA)*

Holmes County School District (Pickens, MS)*

Jackson State University*

LIFE, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)




*Click to view website. 

If you would like to donate/sponsor Red Light Arts, please fill out the DONOR FORM on the right.

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