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Review from a parent about Rob Demery & Red Light Arts: YJB TALENT AGENCY  

"He was great with the kids. Before we even get out the door they were asking if could they come back. My step-daughter doesn't even act and is very shy and she had a ball and was asking if she could come back too. Hopefully we will be able to continue and maybe even get some private lessons with him. Thank you again for everything. It was worth the drive."

January 29, 2011


Rob Demery 

Founder/Artistic Director

Red Light Performing Arts Company


Dear Mr. Demery,


My name in Peggy White and I am a 5th grade math teacher at Canton Elementary School, in Canton, MS.


I just want to say that your program was one of the best motivational and mind-opening programs I have seen, in my 11 years of teaching experience. The children loved it, as did I, and we still talk about it today and use examples from it referencing bullying, stereotyping, and just bettering themselves as individuals. I honestly believe that it made several students understand better what bullying actually does/means to the student being bullied.  


As far as myself it has helped me to bring in another perspective and be able to communicate and use some of this information in my daily teaching.  


Overall, I believe that what you are doing is a great service to the community, however, I do wish it was something that could be an ongoing event in the school system and the community. I wish the students/faculty had more opportunity to get involved and participate more because I really do believe that it would be a great benefit to all.


Thank you again for what you do. Continue the great work and keep empowering our children. You are phenomenal!



Peggy M. White

Canton Elementary School

Canton, MS

"Bullying was addressed in the lesson which is very important today. The students were encouraged in several activities that related to bullying. The session was planned well and engaged the students the whole time. Well done!!"​ -Carrie, AUGUST 2010


"A lot of issues covered is actually encountered by our students. You all have managed to truly capture their attention." -Juan, NOVEMBER 2011


"Red Light made the students aware that what they do now affects the rest of their lives. The actors brought it down to a personal level that the students can relate to and the kids related to the performers." -Terry, MARCH 2012

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