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Get your DEMO REEL shot by the best at Red Light Arts! We are here to help you book more roles!

These bars represent adults content.

Filming a Scene as a DEMO REEL

Red Light Arts is equipped to write, direct, shoot, edit and produce a high quality demo reel!


- $375 for a monologue

-$800 for duo scene - (studio or on location)

2 characters max

1-3 lines of dialogue from each character


- $1075 for duo scene (studio shoot)

Each additional talent is $150

1-2 pages of dialogue 


- $1225 for duo scene (on location)

Each additional talent is $250

1-2 pages of dialogue


Red Light Arts can either write or find you a scene to fit your needs.

All scenes are directed by Rob Demery.

A rehearsal will be scheduled before the shoot day to understand all needs and blocking for the shoot.


A WeTransfer file to download the raw version of your scene for personal and social media use.


A link to your video that you can share on social media.

Stills from your shoot. (upon request)


A non-refundable deposit of half your total cost is needed to schedule your shoot. You cannot reschedule the week of your scheduled shoot.

Your remaining balance is due before your demo is filmed.


Schedule now by emailing!

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