Performance is the art of presentation, the skill of combining message with delivery in a live and collaborative way that informs, enlightens, entertains, and when honest, moves an audience. The ability to present one's self, one’s ideas, or one’s proposals with confidence and poise is key for not only stage or screen life, but success in life as an individual. At Red Light Arts, you will not only become a better performer, but you will become more disciplined and gain incredible communication skills that will better equip you for life-long opportunities. Knowing the business of the industry is just as important as being equipped with wonderful talent.


Although natural talent or a particular look can be an asset, acquiring the proficiencies of performing takes time and dedication. It begins with fundamentals, which are built through observation, interaction, practice...practice... practice... and more practice. The more your artistic muscles are trained, the stronger you become within your craft which leads to longevity within the business.


We provide fun and challenging classes, lessons and workshops that have been proven to enhance careers. Please visit our acting and music pages for more information on these services.


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